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Our island nation is small (a lot less than a million persons dispersed typically in a handful of small cities), most of us are linked to one another, and Virtually "everyone knows everyone". And so anybody who wishes to operate with us finds us conveniently in the Market, in class, in the road, at general public occasions, about the cellular phone, or by electronic mail.

Τζιαι είσιεν τους πας στην κκελλεν του το καημένον το Γληορούιν. Αυτά γράφει.

“his latest clarification at a meeting he attended in man or woman was that he opposes becoming a member in it since it indymedia "has prescribed values and principles. There really should be no ideas", he mentioned, "only a tabula rasa" (thoroughly clean slate)”.

Why Never you communicate with him straight to discover his exact marriage with cyprus indymedia?

Layout a Brand for Project Dryad 6 dias remaining We are seeking a brand for Project Dryad, an organisation that actually works on baby rights and also the environment. Dryads are tree nymphs from Greek mythology that are tied to their properties, equally as humanity is tied for the Earth.

με ποιο τρόπο θα βρεθούν αυτοί οι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες;

Another short article cited by our accusers to "establish" that the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective supposedly "supports and idenfities Along with the nationalists about deportation of immigrants" Is that this one:

Εν ο νους σου τζιαι μια λίρα πως άμαν έσιεις εθνική ταυτότητα είσαι εθνικιστής. Μπορείς μορφωμένε μου να έσιεις εθνική ταυτότητα τζιαι αγάπη άπειρη τζιαι κατανόηση για ούλλα τα πλάσματα του κόσμου.

Exactly where in all This can be the website "proof" the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective is "nationalist", or that our Collective supposedly "supports... the deportation of immigrants"? In reality there is nothing absolutely there but lies and fabrications, simply tested by a straightforward looking through of what we publish.

Ο λόγος που αναφέρει ο Πέτρος για την άρνησή μου να μπω στην ομάδα δεν είναι σωστός:

Δε γνωρίζω αν διαφωνούμε καθώς δεν είχαμε ποτέ ουσιαστικό διάλογο επί των θεμάτων και δεν έχεις ακούσει τις θέσεις μου επί του θέματος.

In addition the report goes into a prolonged Investigation of how the pathetic, fanatical and authoritarian actions by some sections with the Remaining truly endorse fascism instead of diminishing the Hazard. These incorporate actual errors from truthful Leftists, but on the principle, include aware, manipulative and intentional actions by authoritarian and stalinist sections on the pretend "remaining" supposed at fostering divisiveness and hatred throughout the Local community (in lieu of purchasing well known unity), and geared toward cultivating a man-made condition wherein the Law enforcement are being named on by "radicals" to violate no cost speech as well as the Constitution, even further empowering the Condition to erode the handful of freedoms We now have remaining.

From its inception, as a result of our commitment on the unity and reconciliation in between the ethnic communities of Cyprus, Cyprus IndyMedia has released in 3 languages: within the Turkish, Hellenic (greek) and English languages. It is simple to find out that equally on our existing homepage (upper suitable-hand corner),

Οι συκοφάντες και ψευδοκατήγοροι μας, που ζητούν να λογοδοτήσουμε γιά τα δικά τους ψέμματα, έχουν κάποιο ζίου-ζίτσου να κάμουν με τον εσωτερικό τους εαυτό, και καλό θα ήταν να το κάμουν. Εμάς δεν μας αφορά η δική τους εσωτερική πάλη.

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